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Many Formula 1 fans have been vocal in their disapproval of the halo ahead of its introduction for this season, while IndyCar continues to pursue an alternative solution.

IndyCar’s aeroscreen made its on-track debut last week at Phoenix, with four-time champion Scott Dixon’s feedback largely positive.

When F1 tried a similar concept last year it was quickly parked after a negative reaction from Sebastian Vettel at Silverstone, resulting in the halo getting the nod for 2018.

With the two major single-seater championships taking different approaches to cockpit safety, we asked for your opinion on Twitter about which is best.

Here is a selection from the huge number of responses we received:

@StuartBorland: While the screen is aesthetically more pleasing, I think the halo is much more up to the job it was designed for.

@adammharvey: Halo is horrendous. I’ve been watching for 35 years, & this is the first season I’ve been ‘meh’ about in a long, long time. Aesthetics (and driver safety) are important – this is going to cause problems…

@hstamoose: Gotta admit, if I hadn’t seen the awful halo first, I would not have liked the shield near as well as I do now!

@jordiradstake: The screen looks like it’s made to go faster. The halo looks like it’s made to go slower.

@dhartriesel: Both are just intermediate solutions until a full enclosure of the cockpit is implemented for formula cars in the future. But between halo and screen, the screen looks definitely better.

@read_read47: Try again F1, ignore Vettel next time

@dizzy_ska: Although I think the halo isn’t as bad as people hype it to be, I prefer a screen. But whatever they use, it has to be tested and definitely be working by the time they use it in a race

@Nat_Turner1831: Even though the screen looks better I think the halo will give the driver more comfort with having the airflow to cool him down.

@neesam709: If we really must have cockpit protection then it has to be the screen

@PhilBygrave: I don’t like either of them but if it has to be one of them, I would choose the screen! The halo is just plain ugly and at some point I’m certain there will be a blind spot incident.

@cory_f1: Aesthetically the screen, but what happens when it gets dirty – bit difficult for the driver to pull a tear-off from it

@mattbuck4950: In principle the screen. But halo is tested now, screen isn’t, and it’s important to get it into use as quickly as possible to prevent further injuries.

@Deej_44: Easily the halo. The screen would have a massive impact on aero and that matters more than aesthetics for me. The screen also looks hideous anyway.

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